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December brings Christmas and festivities to Second Life

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Now that we started the month of December in Second Life there are, like every year more people who visit the grid during this period. This results in more activities within the virtual world. This month there are numerous events such as the famous Christmas Expo and the wide spread Christmas markets, meetings and venues organized by the residents of Second Life. The increase of activity in world also brings new users to the grid who often do not know where to start when they want to become more active as a resident in world.


For the Winter months Count Burks Estates does have several Homestead simulators available for people who wish to decorate for Christmas and the New Year on their own private sim. The advantage of this island type is that you can create a complete Winter scene and use snow textures on the sim since a full Homestead island does give you Estate Manager rights and the ability to choose up to four custom terrain textures for your private sim.


The Homestead islands are 256 by 256 metres in size and offer you a total build surface of 65536 metres to build. These islands are ideal to landscape and Roleplay but also to spend the cold winter days with your partner and family in Second Life The island will supply you with 3750 prims total and comes with a total avatar capacity of 20 concurrent users.


People who have more questions about this island can e-mail us or contact Count Burks directly in world. You can also teleport directly to a Homestead island to take a look.


The rent or tier fee for this island can be paid on a weekly or monthly basis.



Next to full Homestead islands Count Burks does also have several dedicated snow parcels available in smaller sizes. It is possible to have snow land that is 4096 metres or 8192 metres in size. These islands are ocean front islands and come with respectivly 937 or 1875 prims total to build for Christmas.



The dedicated snow land does prevent that you have to use mesh terrain surfaces or sculpted prims to landscape as these type of terrain coverage solutions do not give a very good result.

When you have questions feel free to IM Count Burks and we will look for a solution so you can build and rez.


Seasons Greetings,


Count Burks


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