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Since inception in the year 2007, the Dreamworld islands have been a phenomenal neighborhood on the Second Life grid. Akin to the real world, certain areas spring out of their surroundings by the content they have to offer. A good reason why many people choose to live on the islands, and are having their virtual home there for many years is caused by the large variety of unique areas the islands have to offer.


One can find alluring white tropical beaches or delightful green garden environments, fascinating artistic displays or magical green forests populated by fairies. No matter what a  person is into or have as their passion, they are able to find their place inside of the virtual world on the Dreamworld islands and with good reason.


Island Location Home


Having a parcel of land in Second Life or a Linden starter home is one thing. Once you want something that surpasses basic land and service, or lack of service in many cases, that is what people are able to find on the private islands the Dreamworld archipel has to offer.

At Count Burks Estates we spend a lot of importance to the quality of the simulated environments (or sims) we cultivate. All this attention translates itself into the exlusive range of premium locations that can be found at Dreamworld.


Forest Land In Dreamworld
As you are able to observe from the images on this page, which are screen captures from the diverse scenery you will find on the islands, it springs to the eye how avatars are able to forge these incredible highly detailed settings the way they fantasize them. People are able to do this because Second Life offers and aids them in this process. Count Burks assists to provide the terrains for these environments while the content creators inside of Second Life fabricate the 3D objects which people can find on the Marketplace.


Once people have their property and content they can then commence to construct environments like you see in these images. Even people without much 3D expertise or building experience are able to develop such scenes in world which is fantastic since nobody is excluded from this process that is entertaining and stimulates people their creativity.


Did you know that Second Life used to have a slogan named Your World Your Imagination which is still pertinent today even with all the transformations the world when through.



Notwithstanding all this virtual beauty, what must be understood is that the virtual land you lease is in fact computer server space and that your home on the islands is hosted in a complex simulation environment. Your island requires constant supervision and maintenance, these facets are often overlooked but a lot of effort is being placed into this both by Count Burks and Linden Lab the company that manages the Second Life servers.

Whether you obtain your land from the Second Life Marketplace or purchase your land in world you want to make sure that your Linden Dollars are well spent.



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