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*For all questions regarding land please IM COUNT BURKS

*When buying/selling privately please notify Count Burks instantly so we can update our files and ensure reclamation of land doesn’t take place. When selling, once your land has been sold, please cancel your tier subscription via PayPal asap.
Always wanted to have your own piece of paradise in Second Life? You found the right place by visiting Dreamworld. We strive to offer you the best possible land rental deal available in SL.
1. Our island is hosted on a fast high quality Class 8 server.
2. You can purchase your own bit of paradise for CHEAP, no huge renting fees, you buy the land and it’s yours to keep or resell.
3. You don’t have to be a premium member to have your own paradise land in Second Life.
4. The tier fees are the same as the ones from Linden Lab on the mainland, no hidden charges, no extra fees. (see below for details)
5. No lag, we just don’t allow any form of huge lag creation by objects or clubs etc…. so you can just enjoy the lag free island.
6. No eye sores, Dreamworld looks very nice and we assure you will be able to live in this nice environment, no spinning ads or objects that take away your pleasure by living on a private island.
7. You can terraform your land just like on the mainland, you can use the island ocean water anywhere on your land. During the development of Dreamworld special attention was paid to this segment so you can use 100% of your land to build on. Not a single meter of land gets lost.
8. Your get your full amount of prims, you get 100% of the prims that come with the amount of land. You have paid for the prims so you get all of your prims. We don’t offer cheap land with less prims, you get quality land that comes with all the prims belonging to the land.
We want you to enjoy your land to the max, you paid for it so it’s yours. You can terraform your land, build your home or a store on it, create your own paradise and enjoy your stay in Second Life. You can resell your land if you wish to do so.
We don’t wish to bother you with tons of rules, but to ensure that you have a good time here we can’t allow the following points:
1. No spinning ads, no ads in general. You can put up a sign but please make it decent.
2. No deviding of land into smaller parcels to resell. When you purchase 1024 meters the parcel needs to stay intact when it transfers ownership.
3. Be nice to the other people, everybody wants to have a good time so stay friendly towards the other residents.
4. Don’t bother your neighbors, you can do what you like on your land but don’t bother other people with what you do, you don’t want to get bothered so neither do they. This includes, no objects hanging over on your neighbor’s land. No particles or fog blowing on your neighbor’s land, no littering in general.
5. No clubs, casinos, a store is fine but make sure your store isn’t an eye sore and blends in with the rest of the environment. When you have doubts or questions about this do IM Count Burks.
6. Skyboxes must be at least 250 meters in the air, this is to prevent that the view gets spoiled.
7. No shooting
8. No spy scripts or any form of scripting abuse, if you wish to use a home security system make sure people have some time to get away from your property.
9. No red or yellow bars or property lines around your parcel. Nobody likes to bump into these bars, everybody enjoys flying around and to explore the island with a boat or a jetski using the water, red property bars would prevent this, so this is the reason we can’t allow them. We do understand your concern for privacy and the fact you don’t want to have strangers snooping around property which is normal. To protect your privacy you can use a home security or door lock script. These more friendly alternatives will make sure your privacy remains respected on the island.
Tier fees are exactly the same as they are by Linden Labs on the mainland, tier can be paid either in dollars through paypal or in world in Lindens.
512 metres: (156 prims) = $ 5 US or 1382 Lindens per month
1024 metres: (312 prims) = $ 8 US or 2211 Lindens per month
2048 metres: (625 prims) = $15 US or 4145 Lindens per month
3072 metres: (937 prims) = $20 US or 5527 Lindens per month
4096 metres: (1250 prims) = $25 US or 6909 Lindens per month
1. Right click the land, select buy land.
2. Pay the purchase price for the parcel, once you have done this the land belongs to you and will be in your name.
3. Pay the monthly tier fee for your land (depending on your amount of land) either IN LINDENS TO COUNT BURKS or in US $ BY PAYPAL TO PAYPAL@COUNTBURKS.COM. The tier payment must be made within 24 hours after you paid for your land.
4. Once you completed the three above steps you have your own paradise land at Dreamworld and can start enjoying your stay on a beautiful island.
1. List your land for sale for the amount of your choice, in the land description field please do mention the covenant so the new buyer is informed about all the details.
2. Once you sold your land contact Count Burks to inform us about the sale and the new owner of the land so we can update our records.
We hope you will enjoy your stay at Dreamworld, if you have questions do ask Count Burks.
© 2007 – 2022 Count Burks Estates – Dreamworld





You might be asking yourself what the purpose is of having a covenant, all the parcels on the mainland don’t have a covenant so why should the islands have one? When you invested money in your virtual property and purchased your own island at Dreamworld you did it because you liked its location; structure; environment and the nice unspoiled views that came with the land. With the Dreamworld archipelago we tried to create paradise in Second Life and the purpose of the covenant is to ensure the island stays that way. We don’t like to put up rules, the restrictions you find in the covenant are to help protect the beautiful environment but also your investment. Since you are a land owner when you purchased your island you also have an interest that the island stays clean. Not a single resident would be happy when his or her neighbor would raise ad cubes in front of their home. This is one of the reasons why the covenant is in effect. Besides the regulations, the covenant also contains many useful info about the advantages of living on a Dreamworld island but also how to buy or sell your land. The covenant will assist to make sure you have a good time on the island and can enjoy your Second Life.